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Had some configuration issue with universal code, friendly & quick support sorted it in no time.
I had the amazing opportunity to spend my birthday at Ox + Tiger, and I can't thank you guys more for such an amazing dinner. We completely loved the...
Downloaded it, tried out the free version. Nothing. Just loads forever with the placeID in it. Got it valid, I think I am just going to build my own. Not worth the $$$ if it won't work even with the free version.
Literally one of the best meals and dinner experiences I have ever had. Like if every meal could be like this, I'd just need to ensure to be in a different...
Simple to use and does what I need.
This plugin looks awesome for any of my clients. It builds credibility and trust.
Top 3 meals I've had in the city. I'm so glad I went with the pescatarian menu! Everything was absolutely delicious. It's been awhile since I've truly...
I've been using their Google Reviews Wordpress plugin, and it's great, does just what I want. Customer service is great when I had an issue, solved my problem effectively. Nice and customisable plugin!
Wow! It's a YES for me. Thanks
I recently tried momos and now I'm always on the lookout for some!! I don't spend too much time downtown, but I stumbled upon this shop and the name sucked...
tengo que rectificar, he conseguido contactar con widgetpack y han resuelto el problema ejemplarmente y en tiempo récord. De 10 👍👏👏👏👏🙂
Ordered chicken momo (dumplings) chicken Tikka masala with butter naan and garlic butter chicken wings Where to start...Chicken tikka masala was not...
The plugin works great and the support is very professional.
Not sure why all the great reviews... the food was terrible here. The last time I visited they left the backdoor open because they were loading boxes and...
Relating to the Google Review Plugin: Great plugin to use, very simple once the API is setup. That's also simple enough with the instructions provided. Have been using another plugin to do the same job, but this gives options to have different layouts on the same website.
Response from the ownerWow, thanks for such a detailed review! It's really cool!
I'm a fan of Nepalese food and was thrilled to find this lunch spot in the financial district. Waited 10-15 minutes for my food, but the wait was totally...
Fantastic plugin! Works very well, dozens of options, I'm very happy!
Quick and convenient spot to grab lunch during a busy day! The food arrives really fast and there's a very affordable lunch special. I got the lunch special...
Works really great. I'm using it for many projects 🙂
Mango mouse tastes as great as it looks.Fresh, clean, smooth, not overly sweet, highly recommended will buy again
The Google plugin is great and make exactly what is promised 😀
I wanted to grab pork buns at another highly rated bakery close by but the line was outrageous so I ended up stumbling into this place instead. It is a...
Quelle bonne entreprise, je vous la recommande.
My favorite crepe cake in the city! I prefer Asian cakes because they are usually lighter and less sweet. You can taste how fresh the cream is, and the...
es justo lo que quería pero me salio error 🙁
The Japanese Cheesecake is what it's all about!!! I have been craving real Japanese style cheesecake since I moved to the US. It is so good here that I...
Nice Plugin to display Google reviews
The green tea cake was bitter and neither of us wanted more than 3 bites.The egg tarts were by far the worst of the 6 shops we sampled.
Great product
Response from the ownerThank you for a great review!
Great plugins and more importantly super responsive support team.
I highly recommend them!
Had such an amazing dinner here with my family! We got sooo much plates of food. From siu yook, to stir fry green beans, to Beijing Peking duck, and steamed...
I've had this location's Chinese bbq a few times and each time was consistently mediocre. Their roast duck doesn't taste fresh and bbq pork is very...
I just installed the review widget on my website, and I love it! It's super simple to set up, it looks great, and the customization options for now are perfectly suited to my needs. Thank you so much for making this amazing product. ❤
DATE & TIME: Thu Jan 18, 2024 @ 12:00 PMLAYOUT: several large family-style round tables and few smaller 4-person tables; diners were on the older...
I recommend this place if you want some classic old school Chinese food and don't want to be bothered by instagrammers next to you taking selfie food...
works great! easy and free
Recensione di prova che serve per vedere se funziona il plugin. Per ora è il più bello.
There are some mixed feelings about Cheung Hing on Geary and 27th. On the one hand, their Chinese food is good and tasty, but on the other hand, their...
The best cloud services of website widget!
Excelente Plugin!!
Great Plugin!!!
Response from the ownerThank you for a great review!
Transmision en vivo del sitio web bolivia punto tv emisiones en vivo alcance desde el lugar donde te encuentres.
Very easy to setup.
Response from the ownerThanks!
very good, would recommend A+
Response from the ownerAwesome! Thanks!
Very easy to setup and use
Thank you. You are the best
Very perfoming and very nice reviews plugin !
Works great!
It works. Thanks for developing it and making our life easier.
Great app plugin and seamless
Does what it says on the tin
This widget does what it is made to do. Thank you for all you do!!
awesom and very useful
Great Plugin!
I love the Google Review Widget. It makes my site's reviews way more dynamic.
Awesome awesome plugin 🙂
Functioneert schitterend. Mooi resultaat
Great plugin!
Incredibly simple to use and works first time!
Response from the ownerThank you for a great review!
I rly like Your plugin:)
Response from the ownerIt's great! Thanks!
good to use
Response from the ownerThanks for a good review!
Great product
Quick and Easy to use